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      ------------------------------------ There was a large painting of Evel Knievel shaking hands with Richard Nixon. It hung in the Mayors office. Late one evening after everyone went home. I took it down to the lab. I zoomed in on Evel’s left eye a 100x and enhanced it. It was an address. I went to the address. It was a modest, 1970’s style, split level ranch home in the suburbs.

      ----------------------------------- Inside I found a dead parrot lying on a waterbed. I revived the parrot with some saltines and adrenaline. We became good friends. The parrots name was Randy. One night a few years later while Randy and me played Gin Rummy, he sang me a song about a fire. The title of this blog was never mentioned but I sensed it, and Randy confirmed it by giving me ‘THE LOOK’.


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          • July 20, 2012 2:08 pm
            :  did you ever write part three?

            It got pretty dark and actually made me kinda sick… When I write, I usually go outside and breathe and kinda meditate. That story got really really dark. I think one needs to blow a bunch of cocaine and listen to Jesus Lizard to properly channel and write horror. Maybe I’ll give it a go this weekend if people are interested.

            1. said: It’s scary stuff, but yeah I am interested. I’ve read a minimal amount of horror, but your writing is usually very good and this story was no exception. Maybe it’s good that you got sick. Shows your balance or character.
            2. said: very interested. you might find this interesting but our plt sgts nickname is the lizard jesus.
            3. said: you got me all interested and shit, finish it :P <3
            4. hookersorcake posted this